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Mortgage Protection Insurance is a life insurance policy that pays off your mortgage in the event of death. The premium is calculated by reference to age, mortgage amount, mortgage term and your medical history.

Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness cover (SIC) is a long-term insurance policy designed to pay a lump sum on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening or debilitating (but not necessarily fatal) conditions such as a heart attack.

Life insurance

Life Insurance if you choose to take it out pays a lump sum to your family if you die. They can use this lump sum to pay bills, your mortgage or other loans and it could give them an income when they need it most.

Capital Savings & Investments

As a parent, you want to give your child the best start to adult life. A solid second and third-level education may lead your child on to great accomplishments in later life – but it can be expensive.

Over 50's

Over 50’s Life Insurance provides you with up to €25,000 of life insurance to organise a nest egg for your family, or to pay any outstanding bills you might have after you die.

It starts from just €15/month.

Business Insurance

As an employer, you know that running a great business means having a team of great people, but there may be one person who stands out as being a key player in the company’s success.


Now that we are all living longer than ever before, you can confidently expect to enjoy a retirement of 20 years or even more. That’s a very long time to spend without an adequate income…

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